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Dental Implant Grant Program

What we can offer you

The Dental Implant GRANT Program is Privately Funded by Dr. Rashti to support the Smiling Patriot Program.

SMILING PATRIOT is a Veteran’s help program initiated by Dr. Mahnaz Rashti’s dental office.

If you complete your dental work with

Dr. Mahnaz Rashti, 20% of your payment will be saved towards providing free dental care for Veterans in need.


Compare the Regular price with and without a GRANT Below.

Regular Price
  • Without Dental Grant
  • $ 5,000+ /Each Tooth
    • Consultation $200
    • X-ray Exam $400
    • CT Scan $500
    • Mouth Impression $500
    • Tooth Extraction $400
    • Bone Grafting $600
    • Tooth Implantation $800
Limited Offer
  • with dental grant Price
  • $ 2,500 /Each Tooth
    • Consultation Free if you complete the Dental Implant with Dr. Rashti
    • X-ray Exam Included
    • CT Scan Included
    • Mouth Impression Included
    • Tooth Extraction Included
    • Bone Grafting Included
    • Tooth Implantation Included
  • Click Here to Apply
  • full-mouth

The Dental Implant Grant (DIG Grant) is free to apply for and is available to anyone that wishes to improve their oral health and and gets approved for the procedure and grant by Dr. Mahnaz Rashti personally based on a professional consultation.

To be eligible for consideration of a DIG Grant, an applicant simply needs to demonstrate that their mouth is healthy enough to support the type of cosmetic dentistry procedure they are able to cover the remaining costs that exceed the partial grant provided by Dr. Rashti.

To determine suitability, you are provided with a *free oral health assessment (If you hire Dr. Rashti’s Dental Implant Service).

Following completion of your oral health assessment and when all basic dentistry is accomplished by Dr. Rashti, and presuming you are a good candidate for the implant, the dental practitioner will recommend you for inclusion in the DIG Program and provide you with a treatment plan that will help achieve your desired results.

Please note: The dentist will not compromise the function or health of your mouth to accommodate a cosmetic procedure. Accordingly, the dentist will advise in advance if you require any basic dentistry such as root canals, fillings, cleanings or extractions. If you do require any basic dentistry, you must complete it in advance of being recommended for consideration of a partial Dental Implant Grant. Basic dentistry is the financial responsibility of the applicant.

Dental Implant Testimonial

Dr. Rashti is one of the most experienced and respected Dentists and Periodontists in the the field of Implant Dentistry. Click below to read one of her most recent publications on the future of Dental Implant Dentistry.

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Dr. Rashti is one of the most experienced and respected Dentists and Periodontists in the field of Implant Dentistry.

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